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Listed below are the members of our class. It is not a complete list. In addition, there are two other lists:

Those missing contact information. Go to this list and if you have any contact information, call or e-mail  Steve Schmal.

And sadly ...
Those in memoriam. Review the list of those that have pre-deceased us. If not now, in the future this site will allow you to add your comments about our classmates that have gone before us. We are the lucky ones.

Initially, I have listed the class members from the list the Steve Schmal has and any notes on that list. Addresses and e-mails are not shown due to privacy issues. But, these can (and I believe SHOULD) be added. Our list is of not much use if we cannot communicate. (Most of the information on addresses is available anyway on the internet.). If you are willing to have your address and/or e-mail listed, send an e-mail to Steve Schmal to have your address and/or e-mail address listed so that other class members may contact you. Tell Steve exactly what information can/cannot be listed on this web site.

If you click on the word "Choose" next to a person's name, their address and other detail information will be shown. Only those names with an * have more detail. 
Click on the page numbers at the bottom to advance through the pages.

Select for DetailDetailFirstLastNote
Choose PalmerAgnew 
Choose*GretaAlbrecht - Waterman(husband George)
Choose*BettyAllen - Little(husband David)
Choose*StarrAtwood(formally C. Starr) (graduated in 1959) (wife Becky)
Choose*MarylineAyres - Cerniglia 
Choose*JaneBanks - Angstrom(left during senior year to go with parents to Belgium)
Choose*JeanBassett - Kinyon 
Choose*DonBentz(wife Veris)
Choose*FranklinBlake[left HIS during freshman year]
Choose ArlineBlatt - Bernstein(husband Edwin)
Choose*CarolBly - Weistart 
Choose*RollieBoda(wife Sharon nee Miller, IHS class of ‘61)
Choose*RosalieBower - Amoroso(husband Carmen)
Choose*BevBower - Tuckerman 
Choose*SarahBriggs - deRis 
Choose*IngridBrohm - Jimrusti(married to Phil Jimrusti, class of 1958)
Choose*KathleenBrophy - LaBue(left IHS after junior year; moved to Rochester)
Choose*AlBrown(left IHS after junior year to join military) (wife Gloria)
Choose*PeteBrown(wife Nan)
Choose*MargeBurchard - Bennett(husband Donald)
Choose*ChuckCalkins(formerly Leroy) (wife Lynda)
Choose*PatsyCannavinoGraduated in 1959 (wife: Sue)
Choose*JohnCapalongo(wife Carolyn nee Kimple, IHS class of ’59)
Choose*LarryCarlisle(wife Susan nee Rumsey, IHS class of ’62)
Choose*RossCarlisle(formally Glenn Ross) (wife Paulette)
Choose DaveCarr 
Choose*RosemaryCase - Blischke 
Choose*BillCass(left IHS during senior year; graduated from Cascadilla Prep)
Choose*KateCatherwood - Fackelman(left IHS after sophomore year; graduated from Ethel Walker School)(husband Bud)
Choose*RodChapman(wife Lola Sue)
Choose*PeggyChester - Petrillose(husband Joe, IHS class of 1957)
Choose*NettieChirillo - Snyder 
Choose*BillCoggshall(wife Janet)
Choose*SuziColbert - Gittins(husband Tom)
Choose*RandyCole(wife Val nee Shantz, IHS class of ’59)
Choose*RobertaColeman - Hunter