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Cayuga Heights 3rd Grade Class

Cayuga Heights 3rd Grade

Front row:  Tom Ranney, Palmer Agnew, Anita Bonney, Isabelle Tracy (now Wilcox), Rita MacDonald, Carol Riley (now Riggs), Starr Atwood, Jim Rogers, Carol Kirkup (current name unknown)      
Second row:  Sue Hornbrook (now Wilcox), Ann Clark (current name unknown), Melinda Flory (now Groom), Charles Darling (deceased), Mimi Heinicke (now Monfredo), David Gilbert (deceased), Monique Van Lent (now Kosar), Lu Tracy
Third row:  Kate Catherwood (now Fackelman), Ann Lyn Ward (now Welles), Ann Simpson (now Moeder), Sue Ensworth (now Saltus), Bob Saturn, Ruth Warren (now Gerlach), Marion Vlastos
Top row:  Bev Bower (now Tuckerman), Chris Mathewson (now Salerno), Pete Brown, Peg Credle (now Cunningham), Jeanne Pyle (was Main, deceased), Gene Elliott


Cayuga Heights 6th Grade Class

Cayuga heights 6th Grade

Left front row:  Starr Atwood, Melinda Flory (now Groom), Mimi Heinicke (now Monfredo)
Left second row:  Sue Ensworth (now Saltus), Sue Hornbrook (now Wilcox), Gene Elliott
Left third row:  Anita Bonney, Elise Cogan (current name unknown), Isabelle Tracy (now Wilcox), Ruth Warren (now Gerlach)
Left top row:  Bev Bower (now Tuckerman), Monique Van Lent (now Kosar), Lu Tracy, Kate Catherwood (now Fackelman), Pete Brown
Center row:  Carol Riley (now Riggs), Harry Guidi, Charles Darling (deceased), Palmer Agnew
Right front row:  Peg Credle (now Cunningham), Laura Wolfowitz (now Sachs), Rita MacDonald
Right second row:  Chris Mathewson (now Salerno), Kip Kane, Jim Rogers, Ronald Chandler (deceased)
Right third row:  Ann Lyn Ward (now Welles), Betsy Edwards (now Fincke), Tom Ranney, Jane Banks (now Angstrom)
Right top row:  Jeanne Pyle (was Main, deceased), Anne Kingsley (deceased), Marion Vlastos, Linda Tarbell (now Juric), Ann Simpson (now Moeder)